Ice Bins & Beverage Coolers

Keep the chill longer

logomakr_2pwl9d Grab-N-Go Merchandisers

logomakr_2pwl9d Made with FDA food approved material

logomakr_2pwl9d Mounted on casters for effortless mobility

logomakr_2pwl9d  Easy to drain
logomakr_2pwl9d Ample space for signage & advertising
logomakr_2pwl9d Outdoors or indoor use





ColdStor  Ice & Beverage bin

logomakr_2pwl9d 295 quarts capacity  logomakr_2pwl9d Four lockable plastic casters 
logomakr_2pwl9d Removable false bottom to keep items within reach

logomakr_2pwl9d J-channel fixtures for signage
logomakr_2pwl9d Pack out: 220- 12oz bottles/ 245- 16oz bottles/ 195- 20oz cans

logomakr_2pwl9d Holds 300 lbs of ice (full capacity)

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)Features
39"W x 27"D x 39"H8002491Blue100Body, casters & lid
800252590Body & casters-No lid
800255780Body only-no casters & no lid

ISee 18 Gallon Cooler

logomakr_2pwl9d World’s first "Glass Front" cooler

logomakr_2pwl9d Pack out:  72- 16oz cans/ 48- 24oz cans/ 58- 20oz bottles

logomakr_2pwl9d Industrial strength cart for storage and mobility

logomakr_2pwl9d Keeps ice up to 48 hours

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs) 
30"W x 19"D x 17"H8002770Black60 lbs

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