Forté Products is a leading provider of OEM parts and products to diverse industries world-wide.

 When you engage Forté for your project, you benefit from our expertise to not only engineer parts best suited to rotational molding,but also to design the product to take full advantage of material and process parameters that Forté continually researches and practices.  

We are committed to your complete satisfaction, innovative in our approach to your needs and dedicated to meet and exceed your expectations.




Small to Large Parts
Sizes to fit your needs
A wide variety of part sizes can be produced on Forté's conventional 3 and 4 arm machines. Additionally, Forté's unique rock & roll machine can produce parts up to 23 feet in length and 10 feet in diameter.


Foam filling, graphics, hardware & components, molded-in inserts
Value-Added Services
Secondary assembly and finishing at Forté addresses unique features desired for your part or end product. Such features include molded-in inserts which can increase efficiency in assembly of your part; handles that are designed into your part; graphics which make your products stand out among your competitors and foam fill to add insulation or part integrity. All of these services are under Forté's direction and priority.


In-house design and build
At Forté , all of your primary tooling and fixtures are built in house or guided by top-quality external toolmakers. Tools can be either cast aluminum or fabricated steel. Varied surface treatments are available. Forté will assist you to design simple to complex tooling. Forté 's maintenance and repair shop will assure your tooling is always ready to produce parts to your expectations.


Concept to finished part
When your part requires assembly, Forté not only molds your part, but can add components, hardware and graphics. Whether simple or complex, foam filled or not, Forté performs the work required to get your part ready for you or your customers.


Features engineered in
Design Services
Forté's product design and engineering group works as an extension of your organization. Your projects are designed via SolidWorks and AutoCAD software, as well as a full array of engineering services to include FEA, Parisolids and prototyping. From aerospace to military,from major corporations to small businesses, Forté will meet your stringent requirements for optimal material, form, fit and function, as well as desired certifications.


Turn-key service
Produce, Warehouse, Ship
Forté is a dependable logistics extension of your company. We offer complete inventory and drop-ship services to better assure fast and efficient delivery to your customers. You can be confident in on-time and complete-to-order accuracy. Think of Forté as your company’s distribution annex.


logomakr_2pwl9d QUALITY

Priority ONE

Quality based on ISO9000/AS9000 standards
Forté quality systems are based on stringent military, FAA and major corporation standards. Quality is tracked and reported continuously, throughout the day, resulting in better rates/results compared to industry norms.Critical Data Sheets, detailed work instructions and a First Article Inspection documentation/approval process assure consistency for your parts and products.


logomakr_2pwl9d  ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Small things count

Continuous improvement
Forté operations are guided by Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that review critical data and performance weekly. KPI feedback is used to best assure all aspects of your projects, and our performance, are working toward improvements and results that exceed your expectations. No detail is too small.

logomakr_2pwl9d  CUSTOMER SERVICE

Second to None

Committed to YOU

Forté customer service is your most recognized and proven benefit. Forté makes doing business with us easy. Our communication, our experience and our response time make the difference for you. Challenges are addressed and resolved quickly. Just ask our current, loyal customers.

logomakr_2pwl9d  DEDICATION

Long-term relationships

Guarding your reputation
Forté enjoys long-standing and valued partnerships with companies who are proud to place their name and reputation on parts and products we manufacture for them.
Forté is honored that many customers have been with us for 30+ years.

logomakr_2pwl9d  ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT

Clear path

On Call 24/7
Account Managers are your dedicated resource to anything and everything Forté . Our account management structure guides your projects through development to implementation and is never ending.


logomakr_1vmr12  STAGE 1 - LOAD/UNLOAD -

A pre-measured 35 mesh powdered resin, colored or natural, is loaded into an open cast aluminum or stainless steel mold. The two halves of the mold are closed and clamped together. Several molds can be mounted together on a framework or a spider grid on an arm.

logomakr_0hlv6l  STAGE 3 - COOLING CHAMBERS-

The arm with molds is indexed to cooling chambers where air or water, or both, cool the molds, and finished part inside the mold, to a desired temperature, over a desired amount of time. The molds continue to rotate slowly about two axes.

logomakr_7mojwc  STAGE 2 - OVEN -

The arm with molds is indexed into a heated oven where the molds rotate slowly about two axes after the oven door is closed. The powdered resin cascades to the heated, inner walls of the molds, melts and forms layers, to the desired wall thickness, of the parts being molded.

logomakr_1vmr12 STAGE 4 - LOAD/UNLOAD-

The molds are opened on the load/unload platform and the finished,molded parts are removed. The finished part is transferred to a finishing area where desired secondary operations, such as routed openings, band saw cuts, parting line finishing and other operations, are performed.