Quality Assurance

Forte Products’ Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified (Cherryvale and Burlington, KS manufacturing locations) and AS9100 compliant (Farmington, MO, manufacturing facility)
Our QA Lab can provide a variety of compliance statements for tests, ranging from material flow, impact resistance to FR (flame retardants) ratings based on the appropriate ASTM, ARM or FAR standards.
Forte’s engagement in any manufacturing project begins as soon as we are approached by a customer with an idea or a product development. From due diligence during the designing phase, to application of the best manufacturing practices during production, our experienced team of experts bring the best capabilities to providing our customers with the highest quality product
In our continuous efforts to achieve the highest quality levels and the utmost customer satisfaction, we utilize a few processes that help us to quantify and qualify our Quality Assurance System:

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) 

These are markers that help us to manage our day-to-day business. The metrics specific to our QA system give us critical feedback on how we are performing against our monthly and annual goals as related to assigned dollars produced. These indicators better assure that all employees are acutely aware of the potential negative impact on quality issues on both, the quality of the customer’s product as well as Forte’s overall business practices. It helps to identify specific areas and steps that we need to take to focus on continuous improvement and achieve the highest levels of quality that will result in optimal customer satisfaction.


We use this process to compare cost, cycle time, productivity and the quality of our products and services against competitors and in relation to industry standards. It also helps our company to set goals each year.

Cost of Quality

We understand how important quality is to your success and ours and how poor quality products and service affect more just than the bottom line. In our continuous efforts to prevent, detect and remove defects from products, we regularly administer employee training programs to ensure our staff understands the true cost of poor quality and what steps are necessary to avoid deficiencies and failure costs. We use customer surveys to elicit our customers feedback and concerns on the products and services we provide.

Team Performance Assesment (TPA)

This process helps Forte to identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses so they can be assigned to their area of expertise, maximize their potential and do the tasks they most enjoy. This type of assessment and structure leads to optimal performance of the employee resulting in on-time deliveries and under budget projects for the benefit of the customer.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

At Forte, all members of our organization are focused on the highest quality and customer satisfaction. It is everyone’s responsibility and concern within all levels of our organization to constantly improve the quality of our goods and services to achieve long-term success and partnerships with our clients.