Storage Units

Multi-purpose, strong and dependable


logomakr_2pwl9d Resistant to rust and corrosion
logomakr_2pwl9d Great for transportation & storage
logomakr_2pwl9d Multi-purpose usage
logomakr_2pwl9d Cost savings units vs. cardboard boxes

logomakr_2pwl9d Maximum protection vs. cardboard or other containers
logomakr_2pwl9d Use in a variety of environments and applications
logomakr_2pwl9d Made with FDA approved materials for use in food operations
logomakr_2pwl9d Resistant to acids, solvents and other chemicals




StorBox  Storage Bin with Lid

logomakr_2pwl9d Use outdoors and indoors (warehouses, office, patio, deck, etc)
logomakr_2pwl9d Great container to store de-icing material such as sand and salts
logomakr_2pwl9d Deep, inside handles to carry and move easily
logomakr_2pwl9d Sturdy and suitable for tools and other equipment
logomakr_2pwl9d Great for children’s classrooms and playrooms

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)
42"W x 28"D x 25"H8002473Grey body-black lid50
8002577Blue body- yellow lid

Document Storage Tube

logomakr_2pwl9d Extra protection for documents during transport

logomakr_2pwl9d Lightweight and easy to carry

logomakr_2pwl9d Great for engineers, designers, architects and for office use

logomakr_2pwl9d Safe to store in any environment

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)
2-1/8"D x 13"H8002015Silver grey5




All-Purpose Bins

logomakr_2pwl9d Deep molded-in handles for secure grip
logomakr_2pwl9d Hold wet or dry items
logomakr_2pwl9d Variety of colors for easy materials identification

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)
14.5"W x 9.65"D x 9"H8001263Grey3
14.5"W x 9.65"D x 9"H8001261Yellow

Stor-All Drawers 

logomakr_2pwl9d Use to store beverages, condiments, plastic wares, etc
logomakr_2pwl9d Slide easily on cart rails
logomakr_2pwl9d Dishwasher safe

DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)
10.8"W x 15"D x 4.6"H8001311Grey3
8002545 Black
8002300 Blue



Spill Kit Station 

logomakr_2pwl9d Keep oil spill supplies in a single and safe place
logomakr_2pwl9d Ample compartmentalized interior
logomakr_2pwl9d Resistant to chemicals, solvents, impact and scratches
logomakr_2pwl9d 3 digit combination lock on door
logomakr_2pwl9d No assembly required
logomakr_2pwl9d Sign and graphic options available


DimensionsPart # ColorShipping Wt (lbs)
32”W x 24”D x 55”H8003219Grey84
8003224Grey Body/ Yellow Door